"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." -Churchill

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In another exclusive interview for MeetTheBoss TV, Jeff Hayzlett CMO for Kodak, shares his vision on the future of social media and how Kodak are utilizing Facebook and Twitter as saleable technology resources. Jeff Hayzlett is not like your regular Chief Marketing Officer. From creating innovative marketing strategies to appearing on NBC’s hit television show, Celebrity Apprentice, Hayzlett knows what it means to think outside the box. He also recognizes the importance of social media and the very real power that channels such as Facebook and Twitter can harness when it comes to getting your message about a product across to consumers. In short, says Hayzlett, social media is reversing marketing. Instead of having to reach out to customers, customers are reaching in. And that’s something that Hayzlett knows all about. As an avid user of the site – and largely of... (more)

Gulf Leak Spurs Renewable Future

We cannot get away from the gulf disaster, the effects on the environment have been catastrophic and now more than ever the need for a renewable future is key. The NGU LA committee which is comprised by was called to action to discuss implementation strategies and renewable futures. President Barrack Obama and President Felipe Calderon have agreed to seek suspension on oil exploration near the western gap of the Gulf of Mexico. Now more than ever we are in need of a future which relies on renewable energy sources and not the fossil fuels of the past? The Gulf oil leak has had c... (more)

What Are the Business Benefits of Social Networking?

You may already know, MTB was originally just for finance executives and received fantastic exposure owing to the ‘credit crunch’ with substantial backing from all the major financial institutions including the FT, CNN Money, WSJ. MTB hit the broadsheets when usage went up 66% the morning before Lehman Brothers collapsed. – MTB became an indicator of Financial news. Now the site has expanded into other verticals and it has become the executives ‘secret’ online community/business tool. A place that is 100% business focused, with no salesman, Press or recruiters. ‘Social networking ... (more)

HNWIs Meettheboss For Wealth Advice

On a larger scale, investors are feeling the strain as their trust in banks and other corporations continue to fade. Last year investors were forced to ‘help out' banks as the crisis widened, only to be let down by a series of disappointing products companies claimed would create balance and make money. Many feel that there have been too many broken promises, tax payers losing their faith in an industry which was once thought of as ‘dependable.' It comes as no surprise investors are looking elsewhere for advice. However it seems that instead of choosing the standard face to face me... (more)

If the Shoe Fits...Zappos’ Secret to Amazon Deal

During the interview recorded earlier this year Hsieh divulges innovations he has made to Zappos to grow the business from nearly no sales in 1999 to over $1Billion in gross merchandise sales in 2008. Hseih states ‘The number one driver of that growth has been through repeat customers and word of mouth.’ He also shares his secrets to improving company culture through recruitment and to his Marketing Strategies. ‘Most of the money that we would of spent on paid advertising we put into the customer experience......Any costs that we put into investing in the customer experience ends... (more)